To upload your own images, drag and drop your to your template to your Canva browser. They'll be located on your left hand menu bar under UPLOADS. To add them to your project, drag and drop an image to one of the photo placeholders.

How do I upload my own pictures and add them to my project?

To add a hyperlink to your template, first click on the element you would like to link. Then, with the element selected, click on the three dots on the right in the top menu. There will be an option with a LINK symbol. Click the symbol and it will allow you to paste in a link for a website or you can link a page within your document by selecting an option below PAGES IN THIS DOCUMENT.

How do I add a hyperlink to my template?

Export your project as a PDF file so that your hyperlinks will all be clickable when you send your project to your guests. We suggest sending it via SMS or email.


To export or share your design, simply click the SHARE button in the top right corner. From there select the DOWNLOAD button, which will allow you to select what file type you would like to export your Canva document as. Click DOWNLOAD, and it will be ready to share.


how do i export and share my design?

If Canva is having you pay in order to download your design, then you might have added a Canva Pro element to your project. Make sure to delete any Pro elements in your project so that you can download your design. If you do have a Pro account, then you should be able to download any design for free, included in your Pro account.

why is canva telling me to make a purchase so i can export my design?

Yes! Any additional icons and elements can be added by selecting ELEMENTS in the left hand menu bar. From there, search any element or icon you want, and drag or click to add it to your project.

can i add additional icons and elements to my project?

The resize feature is only available to Canva Pro accounts. If you have Canva Pro, the resize button is in the top left next to the undo button. Click RESIZE, and enter the width and height you would like. You can also scroll down and select from Canva's options. Select the desired option and hit COPY & RESIZE to save your original dimensions and recieve the copy with your new dimensions.

how do i resize my project?

To duplicate a page, go to the top of the page you would like to duplicate, and look for the icon that two pages and a "+" (it will be located between the lock and trash can icons) and click the button To duplicate an element, select the element, click on the three dots on the right side of the top menu, and look for the symbol with two pages and a "+" (next to the lock icon) and click the button.

how do i duplicate a page or element?

To add people to your project, select the SHARE button in the top right corner. Then, under SHARE THIS DESIGN, type the email of the person you wish to share the project with and hit SHARE. Note: there is a drop down arrow next to their email to select if you want the person to be able to EDIT, COMMENT, OR VIEW your project.