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Building a digital following begins with a solid foundation of innovation, collaboration, strategy, and creativity in order to form a society of trust and admiration surrounding your brand.


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It's not about us. The team at Solid Society is dedicated to serving your business and providing you with the tools and content you need to achieve your goals.

Solid Society recognizes the importance of understanding each aspect of a company’s vision, branding and specific market growth goals before building a digital media presence. From the start, we desire to establish open and consistent communication with each client to ensure that we can fulfill all expectations with the work we do for them. Whether you are looking for our team to help with a complete rebranding of your business or you have a specific project in mind, Solid Society is committed to depicting your brand exactly how you want it to be portrayed to your audience. 



solid society was founded

expanded to a digital marketing agency

Solid Society was founded in 2012 and began as a successful e-commerce site that sold merchandise primarily marketed through social media.
The original brand generated over 20,000 product sales and grew over half a million Instagram followers over three years.

Through organic social media marketing and engaging content, Rachel Richards (Founder) was one of the primary social media influencers that started the wave of brand marketing through Instagram between 2012-2018.

After seeing the success of Solid Society's marketing results and capabilities, they expanded to a full-service marketing agency with a team of talented individuals. Through the growth of Solid Society and its addition of employees, they are strengthening its client's brands and growing each client's social presence.

Georgia is an account manager at Solid Society. She studied Business Administration during her undergraduate at Mississippi State University and is currently studying for a Masters in Global Business at the University of Glasgow. She enjoys working with clients one on one to help them reach their marketing goals for their specific client base.

Caroline is an Account Manager at Solid Society. She has a B. A in Business Economics from Wheaton College, and began her career in digital marketing upon graduation. She's passionate about helping clients create a compelling brand image and developing strategies to support businesses in their long term goals. 

Richards had a passion for social media marketing since 2012. She organically gained over half a million followers and monetized that into over 20,000 sales when she was just 15 years old. She then went on to get her BBA in Economics at the University of Georgia and has since then loved working with clients from across the country and helping them reach their business goals through Solid Society. 

Rachel Gilreath Richards

Meet our team

Caroline Catanzarite

Georgia Hamilton

founder + CEO

Account Manager

Account Manager

Shae is a marketing intern at Solid Society. She is pursuing a Psychology and Communications degree from the University of Connecticut, with an interest in the marketing field post-grad. So far in her studies and professional opportunities, she has enjoyed the creative aspect of marketing through designing advertisements and informational graphics.

Whitney is a social media manager contracted out by Solid Society. She received a B.A in Business Administration from Auburn University and began her career in marketing upon graduation. She’s passionate about helping elevate her clients social media presence to be seen with increased engagement, metrics, and to best connect with their target audience; ultimately increasing brand’s reach.

Meghan is a digital media coordinator at Solid Society. She is currently a senior at Providence College studying Marketing and plans to graduate this Spring with a B.S. She loves anything that involves being creative and utilizing her artistic abilities, and hopes to find a career in graphic design.

Meghan Faulkner

Lauren is an Account Manager at Solid Society. She graduated from the University of Georgia with a bachelors degree in Human Development. Since client relations has been her main focus for over 10 years, she is extremely passionate about using her creative abilities to make clients happy.

Lauren Umholtz

Digital media coordinator

Account manager

Shae Duffy

Whitney Brown

marketing Intern

Media contractor

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