Custom Canine Grooming

July 2022  - September 2022
Client Type: Project Based

luxury dog grooming

+ Branding
+ Website Design and Build
+ Website Consulting
+ Branded Materials & Collateral
+ Social Media Templates


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Ivan & Awilda Sanchez
Custom Canine Grooming

"A wonderful experience is one in which your needs are met beyond expectations. When those needs are as vital to your life as your family business, a wonderful experience becomes down right AWESOME! Such has been our relationship working with Rachel and Solid Society. Charming, classy, and attentive, she makes meetings effortless, efficient, and enjoyable. 

Like a working lunch with a colleague, she seamlessly becomes the marketing and design expert in your endeavor. Rachel’s taste, style, and execution will both flatter and distinguish your brand. We simply can not overstate Ms Richards’ dynamic value in the development of our companies brand and presence within our market. What a blessing, what a find!

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